Opportunities Educators is ALWAYS on the look out for educators, therapists, researchers and other sexuality experts to join the site as Faculty.

Basic Info – you can find more extensive information here (just click through the waiver) and you can fill out our educator application form here (also click through the waiver)

A main component of our philosophy is support of our educators, so each one is given a profile page to promote your personal projects, and you are encouraged to plug your website/products/services during the clips. We are currently working on even more ways to help Faculty promote their special services and have already proven to be an effective way for the educators that are involved with the site to build profits.

Anyone who wants to be featured on the site needs to be 100% confident that with being in videos online for a sexuality focused website.

We offer a flat rate payment per hour of footage, educators that are being considered will be sent the details.

Here are some of the topics we’re looking for, but other suggestions or areas of expertise are also welcome!

Keeping a long term relationship sexy
Healthy Body Image
How to pick & watch porn together
Male Masturbation Techniques
Enjoying hairy pussy
Mens Hygiene
Being Naked
Face Fucking
Erotic Begging
Sexy Dressing for All Body Types
Tease & Denial
Female Masturbation Techniques
Anything related to sex & disability


Sex Coach U – Dr Patti Britton

Dr. Britton from Sex Coach U ( talks about what inspires people to become sex coaches. Learn about what is involved, the demands and the benefits, and decide for yourself!


Kali Williams – SXSW Proposal Video

Whips, chains, & floggers, oh my! Fifty Shades might not make good literature, but it is one hell of a catalyst for conversation. The astounding popularity of the Fifty Shades trilogy has brought kink out into the sunlight, but now what? What happens when poorly researched fanfic is used as a mainstream cultural reference point? These books could fade as a fad or they could be leveraged as a new way of being open about sexual desires & normalizing kinky fantasies. Couples have been furtively bought feathered riding crops & fur-lined handcuffs for decades, only now it’s becoming socially acceptable to admit it. Learning the difference between fantasy, reality & abuse is a key element to healthy kinky expression but on this point Fifty Shades fails miserably. The books start as sexy inspiration but ends up promoting unrealistic expectations & false stereotypes. Yet when the books are used to arouse a social sexual awakening & get people talking, they hit the mark perfectly.