Speak Out Against Twitter’s Censorship of Sexual Health Info

To all sex educators and sexual health activists!

A petition is launched on to reverse Twitter’s ban on sexual health ads and education messaging– and this movement needs the support from sex positives like yourselves!


The petition calls for Twitter to remove health items like condoms and other sexual health information from their adult content category which also prohibits weapons, drugs and hate speech.

What does sex education have to do with AK-47s and the KuKluxKlan? Nothing.


Sexual Health Information Is Not Shameful; It Saves Lives

If you restrict the distribution of safer sex education your are impeding efforts to save lives.

This ban prevents business and organizations from extending their messages across one of the largest social media channels in the world- simply because this has something to do with sex. Such a policy only works to reinforce the shame and stigma attached to sex, which silences people and obstructs the ability to make informed, healthy choices.

A Twitter spokesperson did reply to this petition telling Think Progress that condom ads and safer sex messaging are allowed as long as they do not violate Twitter’s policy on sexual content. However, the spokesperson did not clarify what Twitter determines as appropriate “sexual content”.

The experiences of blacklisted organizations and companies proves that Twitter’s interpretation of “x-rated” can range anywhere from STD testing to condom size information.

People Are Speaking Out

Several safer sex advocates are speaking out. The STD Project was kicked off Twitter’s sponsored tweet program for their message explaining consultation services available for people recently diagnosed with an STI or have questions. The STD Project does not sell any adult sex products nor is linked to any sexually explicit content. Bedsider, a company that provides birth control information to young people has been blocked from Twitter’s ads on and off. In order to eligible, “[Twitter] asked us not to talk about sex in a way that is overtly pleasurable, if you will,” Larry Swiader, Director of Bedsider told RH Reality Check. “It’s a funny request because sex is pleasurable, it should be, and it’s healthy when it is.”

Companies Lucky Bloke and Momdoms have also explained that their promotions of safer sex have been deemed too x-rated for Twitter. Lucky Bloke’s entire account is blocked due to their sponsored tweet that read: “Tired or lousy condoms?” You can read more about Lucky Bloke’s story here at their safer sex education website.

How You Can Help

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