Sex Tips from Personal Trainer JJ Flizanes

Even if your body type fits the current media/fashion inspired ideal of what is beautiful, essentially thin is in, working out is necessary for everyone in order to maintain a level of physical and cardiovascular fitness. Don’t work out because you want change who you are and squeeze yourself into that little box mainstream media tells you is desirable, work out because you’ll feel better and when you feel good, you also feel sexy and desirable.

You know that after-sex glow you get, well think of getting an after-workout glow, that radiates beauty and well-being from the inside out.

Today, personal trainer JJ Flizanes shares her perspective on fitness along with some exercises you can do for all around sexy fitness. Break out your sweat bands and leotards and prepare to get physical!

Says JJ, “The act of lovemaking is physical, and your fitness level affects your sexual performance. Stamina, strength, and confidence are required for a pleasurable experience. Sex can be like gymnastics: you may be requested to hold a position that challenges your body in ways your workout does not. What are the key elements to include in your workout to get the full potential of your physical body? Here are a few tips from my book Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life available on”
Endurance training is necessary. The latest trend is to abandon steady state endurance training and only do interval training, but I disagree with that principle. Every type of exercise has a purpose. Unless you want to be a one-pump chump, you will want to be able to keep up for a long duration, and steady state endurance training is the way to go.
Upper body:
Since lovemaking rarely resembles lifting weights in the gym, try doing isometric exercises to strength your ability to hold yourself up with your arms. An isometric exercise is where you hold a position in the exercise without doing the full range of motion.
Leg Exercises:
Squats, lunges, and leg presses are great choices for building thigh (quadriceps) and butt (gluteus maximus) strength: alternate isometric exercises with long regular sets of at least 30 repetitions.
Hip Exercises:
In order to gain flexibility in your hips, you need to do exercises in all active range of motion for your hips. Do not stretch because it does not create strength. Instead, do some Pilates exercises that challenge your hips, working both the inner thigh and outer hip.
Core Exercises:
Thrusting your pelvis requires your abs to be strong enough to help do the job. The lower back muscles also need strength and flexibility to pull the pelvis back and maintain a contraction, if necessary.

Doing kegels will strengthen the inner vaginal walls and help with orgasms for you and your partner. Kegels for men will help keep the prostate healthy. Keeping these muscles strong will also keep your sexual fitness youthful as you age.
Your Sexual Essence
Being sexually fit also means activating ecstasy, passion, and sensuality on a regular basis. This kind of energy is a magnet, not only for men, but for everyone around you. There is no need for a partner to exercise this aspect because it is an inside job.

Are you still sitting here reading? Get off the couch and get started. I’m going to dig out my weighted hula hoop once I but away the Pilates Ring I’ve been using to strengthen my inner thighs and PC muscles while I write!