Jun 112014
Speak Out Against Twitter's Censorship of Sexual Health Info

To all sex educators and sexual health activists! A petition is launched on Change.org to reverse Twitter’s ban on sexual health ads and education messaging– and this movement needs the support from sex positives like yourselves! SIGN THE PETITION HERE The petition calls for Twitter to remove health items like condoms and other sexual health […]

Oct 072012
Erotication Educator Liason

Are you a people person? Do you want to work with some of the top sex educators in the US? Between KinkAcademy.com & PassionateU.com there are almost 130 educators and we’d like to provide more promotion for them on the Erotication websites. This position is currently un-paid, but can be counted as an internship. Duties […]

Aug 052012
Dr. Ruthie - Sexuality Communicator

How long have you been teaching? I began offering sex education in 2000, during an undergraduate college internship at a women’s health clinic. I first began teaching about sexual well-being professionally around 2003 and it has become a bigger part of my life every year since! When did you start to identify as an educator? […]

Aug 052012
PassionateU.com Educators

PassionateU.com is ALWAYS on the look out for educators, therapists, researchers and other sexuality experts to join the site as Faculty. Basic Info – you can find more extensive information here (just click through the waiver) and you can fill out our educator application form here (also click through the waiver) A main component of […]

Aug 042012
Sarah Sloane - Community Leader

How long have you been teaching? I’ve been teaching technically since 2000, at the behest of the members of the club that I was pledging (though I’d done some corporate training prior to that). I started to teach at other local groups, and then offered to present at Black Rose’s big event a year or […]

Aug 042012
Graydancer - Ninja Sex Poodle

How long have you been teaching That’s kind of a loaded question – I’ve been teaching in some capacity or other for pretty much since childhood, from Sunday school to Marine Corps Practical Knowledge to music lessons to dance & technology workshops at the University Level. But I started working in the Kink field around […]