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Condom Monologues

I specialize in genderqueer approaches to safer sex and am chief editor at an independent safer sex collective and website. My partner and I launched Condom Monologues in 2008 out of frustration against boosts in world-wide abstinence-only mandates. We felt a strong need for a safe platform to share experiences that lead to dispelling sex myths and raising awareness about healthy, positive sex.

Our project went on the back burner when I pursued a Master’s in Gender Studies at the American Uni in Cairo, Egypt, where I trained in human rights and feminist research methodology. Now that I’ve completed school, I am rebuilding Condom Monologues as a career.  This community is a great  resource to help advance our website.

CM is based on values of education that reflect the diversity of people- to serve all sexes, genders, sexualities, kinks, and relationships with the aim to provide info about safer sex, sexual health, masturbation, toys and contraceptives. The aim is to provide static content of sexuality articles and guides, as well as interactive services in which we monitor a safe/respectful question-answer forum. We are also building a storytelling platform where people can share personal experiences (anonymously) that lead to learning, understanding, healing, and sex-positivity.

I love connecting with other sex nerds & gender geeks. There is much to learn and bear witness; so many stories to be heard! Which is why I am here. I love to chat! So contact me at, or and you can find me on twitter @condommonologue .  Cheers!