Power Exchange Summit

Friday, May 24, 2013 · 6:00 PM –
Sunday, May 26, 2013 · 4:00 PM
new upscale hotel

Columbus, OH – address released to event attendees   @ map

Cost: 3 full days for $69!
Dress code: As you wish

PXS is all things Power Exchange. Classes and workshops; social spaces and fun; we are building a space that allows for people who are interested in all kinds of power exchange relationships to come and explore our lifestyle.

More than just an event, this is a celebration of the Power Exchange relationship in its many forms.

Master/slave? Dom/sub? Owner/property? Gorean or Taken in Hand? Or something you have defined yourself? No matter what your style of Power Exchange, you belong!

An event unlike any other! The focus of PXS is power exchange relationships of any form. This isn’t an event about how we play, but how we live!

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Use the code ‘celebrate’ when you register, and you’ll get 10% off the standard registration price!

By Be a Sex Educator

It’s my belief that ushering in the next generation of sexuality professionals is of great importance. I believe that this type of information is best shared by current sexuality professionals, organizations, ‘sex nerds’ and anyone who has reliable & legitimate information and that those people should have a platform to share it with others.