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Lara @ Condom Monologues

Website: http://www.condommonologues.com

Joined on: December 15th, 2012


I'm editor and contributor at a writers' collective that explores sexual health through everyday storytelling. My partner and I launched Condom Monologues in 2013 out of frustration against boosts in world-wide abstinence-only mandates. We felt a strong need for a safe platform to dispell sex myths and raising awareness about healthy, positive sex. One that goes beyond the "Just use a condom" and shamelessly share how we lusty humans sometimes make unsafe choices; to facilitate practical, more nuanced understanding of healthy options; to help relate to one another and better understand oursleves. Creditials: A Master's in gender and sexuality studies. A thesis on digital storytelling workshops with a women's organization in Egypt. Some jobs here and there as a journal editor. Interships with HIV/AIDS organizations and a community networker for sex workers' rights. I want to connect with other Sex Positives. Which is why I am here- to reach out and collaborate. So contact me at [email protected], or [email protected] and you can find us on [email protected] and facebook.com/condommonologues

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