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#MySexPositive Interview Series

Call for Writers, Sexperts, Educators, Activists!  The safer sex collective, Condom Monologues, is running an interview series about sex positivity.

The idea of the interview is to break down the painfully ambiguous term “sex positive” and reflect on the differences WITHIN the movement. This comes at a time when sex positivity is flourishing like never before.  But that abundance also means a crowded and confusing market of vibrators, workshops, lady blogs and sexperts. Some contradictory; some repetitious. Diversity is to be celebrated. But how do each of us sort through to find our own position within the sex positive community?


Three Core Questions

The interview involves answering these questions.

1) Identify one or two trends, or influential people in the Sex Positive community that you identify with (or are inspired by) and those trends which you relate to not-so-much.

2) How do you define “sex positivity” for yourself and your work? In other words, what is your primary passion and how do you distinguish your writings and interests from other branches of thought within the sex positive movement?

3) What directions do you think sex positivity will take within the next 5 – 10 years? Or what topics and with what platforms would you like to see sex positivity develop more thoroughly within the next 5 – 10 years?

This series is about listening to the differences, the contradictions, the real experiences of sex positivity.  It is an opportunity for people who identify (or do not identify) with the movement to share their standpoints. It’s a way to learn more about ourselves and what matters through each other.

Participate in the series by simply sending us an email.  Hope to hear from you!

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By Lara @ Condom Monologues

I'm editor and contributor at a writers' collective that explores sexual health through everyday storytelling. My partner and I launched Condom Monologues in 2013 out of frustration against boosts in world-wide abstinence-only mandates. We felt a strong need for a safe platform to dispell sex myths and raising awareness about healthy, positive sex. One that goes beyond the "Just use a condom" and shamelessly share how we lusty humans sometimes make unsafe choices; to facilitate practical, more nuanced understanding of healthy options; to help relate to one another and better understand oursleves.

Creditials: A Master's in gender and sexuality studies. A thesis on digital storytelling workshops with a women's organization in Egypt. Some jobs here and there as a journal editor. Interships with HIV/AIDS organizations and a community networker for sex workers' rights.

I want to connect with other Sex Positives. Which is why I am here- to reach out and collaborate. So contact me at, or and you can find us on twitter@condommonologue and