Kink Leaders Program

Picture1Until April 5th, is still accepting applications.

Before anyone gets their undies in a bunch (that is, if you wear undies!) that the program is called “Kink Leaders” please understand the title needed to be short & snappy.

This year long program is useful for anyone wanting to become a leader in the BDSM, Kink, Poly or Gender communities.

Actually this program will be useful for anyone wanting to be a community leader of any kind, but the focus will be on Sexuality/Relationships/Gender based communities.

Participation requires about one hour of work a week, some weeks a bit less.

The program consists of:

+ Written Homework Assignments (posted every Monday)

+ Pre-Recorded Videos with discussion (posted every Thursday)

+ One on one conversations with Kali (individually scheduled)

+ A monthly webinar for group interaction (group scheduled)

+ Input & Contribution from Well Known Community Leaders

+ Extra suggested resources

+ Access to both &

By Be a Sex Educator

It’s my belief that ushering in the next generation of sexuality professionals is of great importance. I believe that this type of information is best shared by current sexuality professionals, organizations, ‘sex nerds’ and anyone who has reliable & legitimate information and that those people should have a platform to share it with others.