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I’m Nymphetamean, a BDSM and Sexuality educator from Toronto, Ontario (Canada). I’ve recently started down this path, after getting so many requests to share my knowledge from my local community. I love teaching and sharing with others, watching them explore and discover this wonderful, kinky world I live in! Teaching has given me a new passion and direction in life, I’m very excited to see where it all leads.

By Nymphetamean

Nymphetamean has been a lifestyle dominant for over 15 years and a Professional Dominatrix for over 3 years. She has amassed a wealth of experience through kinky practice as well as more ‘vanilla’ pursuits. As a former health care worker, she is very knowledgeable regarding safety in BDSM. Nymphetamean pursues new skills and a deeper understanding of D/s daily, participating in many community events throughout Toronto. She gives back to the community through volunteering as a Dungeon Monitor for many events, both public and private. You can find her doing ‘kink outreach’ at the numerous trade shows in Toronto, as well as teaching workshops on many subjects. Nymphetamean is also a fetish film performer and model. She participates in a 24/7 Dominant/submissive relationship with her primary partner and engages in other kink oriented relationships. Identifying as pansexual herself, Nymphetamean is very open to all individuals, of any gender expression and tries to be inclusive of all during her teaching.