Fearless Press Authors

With the relaunch of in July, we’ve brought in some new authors and are still looking for monthly columnists to write about the following:

All of the topics must somehow related to: sexuality, gender, relationship or communication about any/all of those three

Spirituality: Catholic, Jewish, Pagan, Atheist, Tantra

Style: Fashion, Body Image, Etiquette

Art: artist reviews, art news that relates to gender or sexuality, art history relating to gender or sexuality, film reviews (not porn reviews)

Relationships: Monogamy, Long Distance, Dominance and Submission,

Book Reviews: Books on gender, sexuality, relationships or communication relating to any of the other topics

Living: food, parenting, business, law, health, psychology, humor

Community: sexy travel, event reports, sex in the news, activism, sex history

There is a 500 word minimum with a flat rate payment. I prefer writers who can commit to a monthly deadline (and then stick to it!) although I am now accepting guest posts. You can find more information at the Submission Guidelines page.




By Fearless Press

Fearless Press is an Erotication web magazine created for our modern time, where sexuality has become pervasive but is not always presented in an informative way. Our focus is the intersection of where sexuality and the rest of our lives meet, with topics ranging from spirituality, travel, relationships, news, style, etiquette and more. Fearless Press is created as a platform for intelligent voices to speak out about the positive intersection of sex and life. Our ultimate goal is to inform and inspire a revolution in the way our society talks about sexuality.