Emerging Leaders Program

The Kink Academy Emerging Leaders (EL) program is a leadership development program which enables newer kink/alternative/leather community members from across the country to participate in problem-solving work groups, network with peers, gain an inside look into community structure, and have an opportunity to serve the community in a leadership capacity. It puts participants on the fast track to event volunteerism as well as other related organizations.

The EL program kicks off with a webinar in January. Afterward, it grows and develops in an online learning and networking environment for the year.  The program culminates with a poster session presentation to display the results of the project planning work of each group at some national event, preferably the LLC or a Flea or some larger national event.

Participants commit to participating in all aspects of the program.  Participants may be offered an opportunity to serve on a committee, task-force or work-group as well as other groups upon completion of program.  However, appointments are not guaranteed.

The program is limited to no more than 20 participants each year.


The program is limited to no more than 20 participants each year. Click here for more information & the application/

By Be a Sex Educator

It’s my belief that ushering in the next generation of sexuality professionals is of great importance. I believe that this type of information is best shared by current sexuality professionals, organizations, ‘sex nerds’ and anyone who has reliable & legitimate information and that those people should have a platform to share it with others.