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Support a Sex Educator Travel Grant

Sex is natural, but that doesn’t mean it comes naturally…

When it comes to improving our intimacy, a little advice can go a long way. Whether we read books, attend live classes, or log-in to our favorite sex-ed website, most of us rely on professional sex educators for erotic guidance and tips.

Erotication recognizes the important role that sex educators play in our communities and private lives. We also recognize what a difficult and often under-appreciated job sexuality education can be. This is why we’ve developed the Support a Sex Educator program, which currently sponsors the Support a Sex Educator Travel Grant. As the program grows, we.ll be providing educators with other opportunities to reach a broader audience and manifest their projects. Now is the perfect time for you to lend your support to this growing resource.

How You Can Help

There are several ways you can contribute to the Support a Sex Educator program.

Volunteer: is a free, member run website. You can help support this program by getting involved as a contributor. Post articles, find free resources to share and generally help create an active. community

Show Your Support:
Kink Academy is offering purple Support a Sex Educator bracelets at live events and through bulk purchase online. 100% of the proceeds go into the Support a Sex Educator program. With a contribution of $1 per bracelet (+ shipping if you’re elsewhere!), you will receive a bracelet and be able to literally wear your support on your sleeve. (30 bracelet minimum for shipment)

All contributions to the Support a Sex Educator program will be directly applied to the Support a Sex Educator Travel Grant. That means 100% of your contribution will directly enable a sexuality educator to reach a broader audience by teaching at classes, workshops and conventions in areas outside their local region.

You can donate any amount here via Paypal. Again, 100% percent of all proceeds go directly into the Support a Sex Educator program.


Support a Sex Educator Travel Grant

The Support a Sex Educator Program provides grants to sexuality specialists who are seeking financial aid, specifically, for travel to events related to their field. With a few exceptions, the burden of travel expenses often falls on educators. Erotication would like for educators to have the chance to attend important conferences where their work and ideas can be exchanged with other sexuality professionals.

At this time, the Support a Sex Educator Travel Grant is open to current Erotication Faculty Members. If you would like to apply to work with either Kink Academy or Passionate U as an educator, please click on the links to fill out the educator application.

If you are an existing Kink Academy Faculty Member and would like to be considered for a travel grant, you can email to request the application form