I'm a 36 year old dominant, vegan, childfree, geeky, sexual, genderfree female who owns a cat named Jonesy. Both craving and pushing myself towards new experiences I've had a nicely varied life which I am trying to keep expanding... these have ranged from variety in jobs (active duty Army to ice cream man), sex with lots of people often and in unusual ways and places, travel to new locations, much spiritual exploration, and more. I'm an artist on paper, canvas, and skin. This crosses over to my key BDSM interest of sharps play, specifically needles and scalpels. In regards to this area of fun I have been CPR, First-Aid (battlefield and now Red Cross), and Blood-Borne Pathogens instructed. Which then connects to the fact that I am a trained professional piercer and also am myself continuously more modified. Regarding BDSM and kinks I like a lot of other things and am often a bottom in addition to sharps being my primary passion as a top. I am also a lifestyle dominant with over 18 years of kink and relationship experience who blogs about her life and views on Female Led Relationships and any BDSM related to them that occurs. I have been a sex worker of various types... online, phone, and real-time dominatrix, fetish item seller, cam girl, sound recording and video clip seller, fetish model, and a very short stint in BDSM porn. Body and sexual positivity along with equal rights are dear to my heart, as is feminism. As part of my being genderfree I enjoy playing with gender presentations and expectations (known as genderfucking), supporting it in others, giving tips, and sharing the interest. I also sleep with a stuffed bunny.

Sep 032013
The pain that is vulvodynia

Vulvodynia is pain of the vulvar area which is currently described by the  International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease as “discomfort, most often described as burning pain, occurring in the absence of relevant visible findings or a specific, clinically identifiable, neurologic disorder”.  Meaning, in layman’s terms:  there doesn’t seem to be a specific reason […]

Aug 102013
Genderfree Female – No, I'm not the girl in our relationship.

People without gender are largely an overlooked group even within the transgender community. And anyone who is not cisgender tends to run into expectations to be so… and then on top of that, cisgender and transgender people tend to be expected to fall into stereotyped gender/sex roles. So what to do when you’re a genderfree […]

Aug 012013
Introduction:  Sharps, Relationships, Enthusiasm

RP is an experienced and knowledgeable sharps player focusing on needle and cutting play, both permanent or temporary in either.  Being a genderfree female lifestyle dominant and starting early they have over 18 years of engaging in and enjoying sex, BDSM, and Female Led Relationships.  Passionate about body and sex positivity, feminism, and LGBTQ rights, […]