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Originally from Marin County, CA, I’ve been around since 1986 but due to family obligations have been my most active since 1999 when I moved to CO.  I am in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship and together with my children we live in Northern Nevada.  I am the 2nd and last to hold the title of Ms. Beyond Leather which was a national teaching title.  I’ve been a part of a number of organizations over the years.  I am presently a member of various organizations and am the Chapter Rep to International, webmaster and Education Chair for the NLA-NNV (Northern Nevada) and teach in the Reno area twice monthly. The classes my slave and I presently teach run the gamut from SM101 and East v West to Knives, Needles, Impact Play and more.  The list is ever expanding as I take the time to write down what I know and what I’ve done throughout the past.