What is BeASexEducator.com?

The short answer: a free resource for current and aspiring sexuality professionals of all kinds to share information and make community connections.

For the long answer check out our About Us page.

Can I be a member even if I’m more of a sexuality enthusiast rather than a professional?

Absolutely! Membership is free and is open to anyone who wants to share accurate, researched information about healthy sexuality.

What kind of information is posted by members?

Articles from professional journals, videos by favorite professionals, research & thesis papers, medical information, slide show presentations, workshop outlines and more. Anything that is related to sexuality, gender or relationships is welcome!

Do I have to own all the material I post?

We take copyright infringement very seriously and would like you to also.  If you own the content then feel free to post it right up! If the material is obviously common rights then you can also feel free to post it. If there is something (an article, a video a resource list) that is copyrighted you should contact the author to see if they’re interested in joining the site or allowing you to post their material.

How do I post information? What do I need to know to post properly on the site?

BeASexEducator.com is built using WordPress, so if you’re familiar with that structure you’ll be able to dig right in. If you aren’t familiar, when you register for membership you’ll be sent some basic information to help you out.

When you first request membership, you’ll be given instructions on how to fill out your profile and make your first post (which will need to be reviewed before it’s posted). You’ll also need a Gravatar attached to the email you used to sign up. Once it is determined that you are a real person you’ll be switched to Author status and will then be able to post without initial review. If anything is deemed inappropriate, spam-like or thinly veiled sales pitches the content will be removed. If that happens more than twice your profile and access will be removed.

If I own a sexuality based business can I promote it on BeASexEducator.com?

Kind of. If you’re looking for outright advertising we have reasonably priced banner packages. Other than that, you’re welcome to contribute relevant information that includes a link to your business. Like any content site, if you spam with “articles” that are only ads for your business or “sex toy reviews” that are only intended on selling your products, you will be removed from the site. As a sexuality based business myself, I want to provide an opportunity for you to reach out to your market. However please abide by the golden rule “Act like an idiot and thou shalt be removed”

My original content was posted on this site without my permission, what should I do?

Contact us with your information, showing you hold the copyright, and we’ll remove it immediately.

I’m a member and I’m having trouble posting things, what should I do?

Pray to the rain gods to make it easier! Just kidding, contact one of our RA’s for assistance.

What’s an RA?

We at Erotication like to play up the school kitsch, so an RA is a Research Assistant, just like in a for realsies University. RA’s help to welcome new members, maintain the website, keep an eye out for inaccuracies and copyright infringement (that’s a big no-no!) and just generally be helpful. These people are volunteers so please be pleasant even if you’re struggling with something, we’ll work it out! If you’re interested in being an RA (on the serious need apply!) email BeASexEducator@Gmail.com with a short description of why you’d like to be a BASE RA.

Who’s Erotication?

Erotication.com is the parent site for BeASexEducator.com, KinkAcademy.com, PassionateU.com and FearlessPress.com all of which are designed to educate, enrich and inspire sex lives and possible professionals. Erotication was founded by Kali Williams (aka Princess Kali) in 2007 and continues to bring a variety of sites, products and events to promote healthy, informed sexual experiences!