Sex education in all its many forms (university professors, sexologists, sexuality researchers, therapists and more) is a pursuit that has a lot of unique challenges. In society, sex is still seen as something taboo to talk about in a healthy straight-forward way. Meanwhile, the level of sexual exposure is more prevalent than ever. This contradiction creates an intense need for qualified, informed and open-minded sexuality professionals.

It’s my belief that ushering in the next generation of sexuality professionals is of great importance. I believe that this type of information is best shared by current sexuality professionals, organizations, ‘sex nerds’ and anyone who has reliable & legitimate information and that those people should have a platform to share it with others.

It can be hard to make a living as a sexuality professional, but I believe in the abundance model. When we share our specialties with each other, collaborations can be formed. When we share the information we have, we strengthen our industry and community as a whole. This is the online version of chatting around the water-cooler. Some of the strongest networking is done at the water cooler.

For many of us, it’s the passion that drives us on in this field. A deep calling to inspire and inform society about sexuality in a way that is accurate and connecting. It’s important that we have that passion until we as a community can build an industry to genuinely support us.

You are not alone in this passion and this website is intended to reflect that. It was created to act as our village meeting house so that we can network, learn and share together, regardless of where in the world we are or where on our professional path we might be.