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Kate McCombs

Hello Fellow Sex Geeks!

I’m Kate McCombs and I specialize in sex-positive and pleasure-inclusive approaches to sexual health promotion. I’m originally from California, but I moved to Australia to get my Masters in Public Health at the University of Melbourne, which I completed in 2011.

When I’m not facilitating sexuality workshops, I do research on sexual and reproductive health and I write about sex and relationships. I’m also the Managing Editor and a contributor for, a sexuality education blog run by Debby Herbenick, PhD at Indiana University.

I love connecting with other sex geeks, which inspired me to found earlier this year. Sex Geekdom is designed to bridge the gap between online and real-life community for sex educators, researchers, and others who might identify as sex geeks. Currently, Sex Geekdom meetups now happen in Melbourne, Sydney, and Los Angeles. Meetups range from regular after-work Friday drinks, to once-off group outings to sex-related seminars, movies, or festivals.

If you’d like to contact me, you can find me on twitter @katecom and @sexgeekdom, or you can email me at


Playground Conference Nov 9-11 ’12

Everyone has their own ideas and experiences for what works and what doesn’t; what feels good and what leaves them wanting more. How can we learn from one another to help enhance our own play time and build stronger bonds in our relationships?

Playground will bring together the brightest minds in sexuality education, activism and media to examine the ways in which the sexual and erotic play a part in our everyday lives. Everyone is invited to attend from those looking to educate to those looking to get educated. And most importantly, for everyone looking to have FUN!

Over the course of 3 days, a variety of workshops and presentations will touch on things sexuality including kink, non-monogamy, dating, sexual / relationship fulfillment and more. Playground is an all-inclusive event for every community to take part in and celebrate diversity.


Erotication Educator Liason

Are you a people person? Do you want to work with some of the top sex educators in the US?

Between & there are almost 130 educators and we’d like to provide more promotion for them on the Erotication websites. This position is currently un-paid, but can be counted as an internship.

Duties would include:

Keeping in touch with educators and their events and news

Posting educator news on our websites (will teach you how to do that)

Assisting Educators with our Affiliate Program (will also teach you how to do that)

Sending out a monthly newsletter specifically for our Educators

If you are interested, please send your resume & three references to

References WILL be checked, so if discretion is necessary please include that with the reference information


IMsL April 18-21 2013

IMsL 2013

Saying it is a leather event simply does not do justice to the extraordinary extravaganza of head-to-head competitions surrounded by steamy live stage shows, hospitality receptions, educational classes, play spaces, vendor market and 700+ leather folk cruisin’ and schmoozin’! And it has been going on for years and years!

  • 2 Incredible Contests: International Ms Leather & International Ms Bootblack
  • Fabulous Shows including the always poplular Seduction – an evening of burlesque, strip tease, lap dancing, drag and MORE… all in the name of charity!
  • Bootblack Salon and Leathercare Lounge
  • Charity Silent Auction
  • Education – 15+ world-class presenters share their knowledge with you.
  • Vendors with the hottest products from all over the country!
  • Hospitality Receptions – an unending stream of receptions throughout the weekend including the ever-popular Uniform Party
  • Leather history being made at the longest running, most recognized women leather’s title in the world!
  • Onsite play space filled with equipment and open 24 hours a day from Thursday evening through Midnight Sunday.

Jacq Jones – Owner of “Sugar” Sex Toy Shop

When did you open Sugar and what inspired you to do so?

Sugar opened in April of 2007. Previous to opening Sugar I worked in reproductive health care and sexuality education in both clinical and administrative settings. I had the opportunity to work in a sex positive sex toy store and was thrilled to be able to do the same work, but to come from a wholely pleasure based perspective rather than a disease based model. After I moved away from the city with that store, I frequently considered opening a sex positive store in Baltimore. Several years later, we were able to raise the capitol and open the store. Running a for profit, mission driven business is challenging and deeply rewarding.

When did you start to identify as an educator? Was it before, the same time as opening the shop, or was it later?

I’ve been doing sex education since college. I was trained as a peer educator and distributed condoms from my dorm room. As a woman, I have been interested in reproductive rights, education and justice since high school. I firmly believe that our ability to make decisions about our reproductive lives is a critical piece of equality. Because being sexual or asexual in a manner of one’s choosing is a basic part of being human, expressing one’s sense of self and connecting with others.

What is one thing that people would never guess about owning and running a sex shop?

Running a sex toy store is running a retail business. That means you need to love retail. You need to use Quick Books. You need to deal with payroll. You need to mop the floors. Running a sex toy store is a job in which you hold the space and provide the means for your community to celebrate their individual sexualities. It is not, however, a terribly sexy job. It’s hard, detail oriented work. Just like any other small business. Except since it’ an adult business, you don’t qualify for assistance from the SBA. Most banks won’t loan to you and most credit card companies won’t process your credit cards.  There’s absolutely ways around these things, but it requires an extra level of creativity.

Are there any topics that you consider your specialty?

I love, love, love to teach about sex and menopause, hot safer sex, g-spots, cunnilingus, blow jobs and harness play.  I think my true specialty is being able to work with folks and provide information in a manner that is accessible to where they are.

Do you have any pet peeves about sex educators?

We’re all in this together. There’s plenty of education opportunities to go around. Many of us are great at supporting each other – we need to keep it up!

I can imagine it’s tough to pick your favorites, but if you had to pick ONE sex toy to recommend to a couple, what would it be and why?

The Spare Parts Joque Harness, Jimmy Jane’s Form 2 and Sliquid’s Sassy lube

You book other educators to teach live classes at your brick & mortar store, how do you decide who to invite to teach?

I’m very picky. I usually only book an educator that I’ve seen teach or that someone I trust implicitly has seen teach and recommends. I need to feel confident that the educator has values that intersect with how we understand sex positive sex education and that they are able to present information in a manner that is fun and accessible. Next I look for someone who has the ability to teach on topics that the educators in our store might not have in their arsenal.

What advice would you give aspiring sex toy shop owners?

If you are interested in opening a sex toy store, first I’d suggest that you spend at least a year, preferably two working in retail. Make sure that you have professional experience in budgeting, staff management and purchasing. If possible, have six months of expenses in the bank before you open. Learn some counseling skills and take every workshop you can find (in person or online) on sex and sexuality. AASECT, Passionate U, Fet Fest and Dark Odyssey can be great resources. Lastly, open your store somewhere that doesn’t already have a sex positive store. There are plenty of cities that need a sex positive store – look around – and move if you need to!

927 West 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211
phone 410.467.2632
fax 410.467.2631
Sugar is a lesbian owned, multi-gender operated, for profit, mission driven sex toy store.  By providing education and toys in a shame-free, sex-positive environment, we help people of all genders and sexual orientations experience their own unique sexuality with shameless joy and passion.
City Paper’s Best Adult Store, Best of Baltimore 2007-2011
City Paper’s Best Adult Store, Reader’s Poll 2007-2011
Baltimore Magazine Top 50 Hot Stores in Baltimore
Nominee O Award 2011



Erotication Teaser Video

Erotication is the company that brings you a revolutionary new form of sex education for adults!

Here’s a teaser video for the two video based sexuality education sites & and yes,


Independent Porn Producers

There’s a wide variety of niche porn sites run by passionate indie/alt pornography, here are a few…

Courtney Trouble  creates her own porn, plus is a founder of/producer of

Madison Young also creates her own porn and founded Feminist Porn Network and

Tristan Taormino has been one of the most successful to cross over to corporate funded porn and she has a great ‘Feminist Porn Resource’ page.

Kelly Shibari launched the one-of-a-kind BBW BDSM site

Alice In Bondageland creates fantastic BDSM porn that’s real in every sense of the term.

Princess Kali has had her personal FemDomme website up for almost 10 years & co-founded

Buck Angel is an independent FTM porn producer is a way for anyone to submit, and be paid for nude photos of themselves

Good For Her has been running the Feminist Porn Awards since 2006 which is a great way to find ethical, female friendly porn

James Darling has created “featuring gay porn, straight porn, and queer porn starring trans* men”

Long-time site features hundreds (perhaps thousands?!) of self-produced clips by independent porn producers


Here’s a good article about “The Rise of Alt-Porn”


This is just the start to the list! Please make comments and add your own favorite independent porn producers!