May 012013
Leash Lead Dominance [LLD]*

  Being lead by a leash is not just for dogs or even puppy-play. It is an authoritative, restrictive and affirmation action used to show complete surrender, submission and immediately endorses a strict Dominance and authority by a Dominant or Top.   First let’s define Leash Lead Dominance [LLD]:   leash lead dominance is two-fold […]

Apr 302013
The term "Lifestyler"

[photo courtesy of the world-renowned Orpheus Black of California by Liguiderotica] The term “lifestyler” can be complicated; so let me break it down. Historically, [American culture] it has been that almost all and any sub-culture, of a sexual orientation will categorize itself as “the lifestyle” or “lifestyle”. As homosexual most my life we call the […]