Aug 012013
Introduction:  Sharps, Relationships, Enthusiasm

RP is an experienced and knowledgeable sharps player focusing on needle and cutting play, both permanent or temporary in either.  Being a genderfree female lifestyle dominant and starting early they have over 18 years of engaging in and enjoying sex, BDSM, and Female Led Relationships.  Passionate about body and sex positivity, feminism, and LGBTQ rights, […]

Apr 302013
BlakkReignn's Intro-Bio

Who is BlakkReignn? In addition, I obtained several merits in leadership, counseling, mental health, minority advocacy, health n’ wellness, and psycho-sexual therapies. As well, hold certificates in Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, behavior therapies, and Psycho-Sexual Relations, addictions from Western Psychiatric Institute of Pittsburgh. I am an avid social-psychological writer, presenter, speaker and counselor on psycho-social […]