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May 062013

Hand-cuffs.   Hand-cuffs are a beginners toy in restraint. It is an easy accessible toy, they even sell them at the mall at Spencer. You can grab some fluffy ones or get more real with hardware. Yet hand-cuffs are quite dangerous when taken for granted. Now if you use and or prefer the novelty kind, or the […]

May 012013
Leash Lead Dominance [LLD]*

  Being lead by a leash is not just for dogs or even puppy-play. It is an authoritative, restrictive and affirmation action used to show complete surrender, submission and immediately endorses a strict Dominance and authority by a Dominant or Top.   First let’s define Leash Lead Dominance [LLD]:   leash lead dominance is two-fold […]

Apr 302013
The term "Lifestyler"

[photo courtesy of the world-renowned Orpheus Black of California by Liguiderotica] The term “lifestyler” can be complicated; so let me break it down. Historically, [American culture] it has been that almost all and any sub-culture, of a sexual orientation will categorize itself as “the lifestyle” or “lifestyle”. As homosexual most my life we call the […]

Apr 302013
BlakkReignn's Intro-Bio

Who is BlakkReignn? In addition, I obtained several merits in leadership, counseling, mental health, minority advocacy, health n’ wellness, and psycho-sexual therapies. As well, hold certificates in Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, behavior therapies, and Psycho-Sexual Relations, addictions from Western Psychiatric Institute of Pittsburgh. I am an avid social-psychological writer, presenter, speaker and counselor on psycho-social […]