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Hand-cuffs are a beginners toy in restraint. It is an easy accessible toy, they even sell them at the mall at Spencer. You can grab some fluffy ones or get more real with hardware. Yet hand-cuffs are quite dangerous when taken for granted. Now if you use and or prefer the novelty kind, or the type you buy at the adult toy store, [which easily broken with a little force or wiggle]. Perhaps the ones made of steel are better for your needs.Hell, even the ones that are fluffy n’ cute, have a purpose but this article is not for you. This is for the serious hand-cuff restraint user. If you are in some type of law enforcement, and have the advantage of the real deal, and the knowledge and safety of use — then you are ahead of the game. Please give us some more suggestions in the little comment box. But if you’re a beginner, novice, curious and occasional user of real hand-cuffs, listen up. There are simple basic rules:


  1. When using real hand-cuffs, first rule of thumb. Always have the KEY somewhere safe and sound. Make sure it works before use by checking it beforehand.
  2. Keep the cuffs at a position and placement which will not cause lack of blood flow or irritate the skin or blood vessels around the wrist; unless of course this was what you were going for.
  3. Have a verbal or tactile cue which will alert to the need to remove immediately.

As important is usually smart to know someones medical history — like if they have any blood clotting issues or other issues which may hinder the enjoyment of the process and be potentially life threatening. Understandably, this may have been a first time, one-nite stand situation, so just do a quick, this wont cause you to fall-out question before you ensue. Also, keep in mind, usually there is some interaction that causes the cuffs to move a bit — I mean you did put them on for a reason — yes? So, take in account, that the person being restraint may need some help adjusting them or be aware of the cuffs enough to keep them from permanent injury or scars. Lastly, if you are not allergic, I recommend licking them is OK. And if you are more adventurous type even gagging with them. Watch out for teeth and anything else that may get damaged in all the rough action.

Lastly, being restraint by any device including hand-cuffs has some legal ramifications in most states, check yours to be sure what the laws are. And if you are going to restrain someone with cuffs make sure it is completely consensual. And please if the time frame or duration longer than it takes to get-off [you know orgasm]; check the wrist for injury and the blood flow periodically. Last but not least, if someone has a psychological or mental trauma using restraints, it’s a good idea to make sure their mental state of mind is dealing with being in hand-cuffs. And if there are signs someone is uncomfortable by their body or verbal communication — at this time, it would be wise to un-cuff them and try something less restrictive. The main point to be taken here is be safe not sorry. Overall, lets just run this down.

1. KEEP key close, safe and sound. 2. Check to see if key works. 3. Be aware of comfort-ability and likelihood of injury or medical conditions. 4. Safety removal cue 5. Practice Now let’s get this party started and be safe.

by BlakkReignn [ARW]


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