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Being lead by a leash is not just for dogs or even puppy-play. It is an authoritative, restrictive and affirmation action used to show complete surrender, submission and immediately endorses a strict Dominance and authority by a Dominant or Top.


First let’s define Leash Lead Dominance [LLD]:


leash lead dominance is two-fold — meaning one — it is the direct enactment of dominance which displays and behaves in a hierarchical standing, provides authority and shows who is in control and commands another being— and two, it is dominance which allows its position to have priority, preference of a person/s movements and behavior to promote obedience, surrender, and submission .


Leash Lead Dominance [LLD]* is sure-fire way to show ownership, possession and D-type authority and s-type submission. It is a part of a Total Power Exchange [TPE]. When a submissive relinquish this kind of obedience and surrenders it denotes a clear honor of trust between the D-type and the s-type. Being leash lead is an interplay between a Dominant and submission [D/s] —- or Top and bottom, or Master and slave [M/s] dynamic or relationship by-which being leash lead signifies and strengthens the their bond. The idea of who is in control can fluctuate due to many variables, it is linear, but a direct way to establish a Leash lead s-types usually feel a euphoric sensation of freedom, controlled and lead by an alpha.


Leash lead D-types feel a sensation of accomplishment, and satisfaction. It is just as much mental as it is physical, and both elements correlate strongly. Being Leash lead is done in public at an appropriate venue or place, at home for a period of time, or daily, and sometimes just for display or show. Whenever it’s enacted, LLD is an enforcement of role and displays exact total power exchange [TPE] and fixates a visual and tactile communicative role. This communication in itself can be used literally by direct physical commands thru the D-types skill or interaction with the leash.


Leash lead Dominance, dynamics, interaction, and or behavior gives an instantaneous reward, reaction, and inter-play between partners of role, respect and trust. It is an extension from a collar. Yet does not need to have an established collar/ed relationship present in order to enact such action.

Leash lead dominance is a forceful and sometimes intimidating, tho’ sensual form of role disposition for onlookers. Leash lead Dominance styles range from the spectrum of D/s dynamics to S&M dynamics to edgier dynamics which require the leash accompanied with other similar restrictive animal wear, i.e., muzzles, choke chains, etc…


There are several forms of leash lead submission, slavery and or puppy-play or “species-play” *  — top/bottom or other forms of animal play such as wolf play. The Dominant usually chooses reasoning for the leash which applies most to his lifestyle , dynamic/s or relationships/s. It is also used in scenes or sessions for a more theatrical or authentic base of the interplay. It is an effective way for a Top to provide clarity on their position to a bottom for relations, or play.


There are all forms of leashes from the basic ones you get from the pet store, to more elaborate styles which are chosen to honor status, and or relationship/s. Also, some prefer the traditional chain links, while others fancy leather or other forms.


Leash lead Dominance places the leash in frontal display, and being leash lead gives easy access to the D-type or Top of ownership. Although, their ownership may define apart of the relationship or dynamic directly; the leash provides a notion of ownership which may suit the needs of the relationship or temporary situation of those involved. It yields a physical restraint while simultaneously it yields a physical guidance to the submissive bottom. It also, is a quick and easy method for a s-type’s training of obedience, submission and learning how to yield authority and control to a D-type.


Leash lead Dominance is a powerful aphrodisiac for all participants. It can used sensual, sexual, mental, emotional and always has the aura of leadership, and dominance.


by BlakkReignn [ARW]



* Leash Lead Dominance [LLD] and “species-play” are both phrases coined by the author BlakkReignn respectively.

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