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These are the official terms and acronyms for some very important terms in the BDSM community. Here is a brief description of all.

To lead the terminology wars was SSC. The first, came about for a need to make all aware that practices, scenes, play and relationships needed to be safe, sane and consensual. Here we have, SSC – Safe, Sane and Consensual.

SSC was used for a while but many of the community felt it wasn’t very practical and didn’t cover the fact that there is some risk and possible mental and physical injury which can occur in BDSM or kink. SSC didn’t have a buffer or disclaimer which allowed a key element that risk was involved in BDSM interplay. Then came RACK — Risk-Aware Consensual Kink. It was coined and developed out of some dissatisfaction and concern with using SSC because a large part of the population realized what it is we do, is not exactly safe which warranted a more severe disclaimer. To bid RACK hung in there for the long fight. I know it brings something else sexual in mind, but bare with me…the war if almost over.

Not everyone was happy with RACK. The biggest complaint with RACK was to some it didn’t denote there was personal responsibility despite the risk. Third, came PRICK. PRICK means, Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink, and to date is the last official ICON to include every aspect the above two did not — with a little more room for everyone’s kinky or fetish taste. All are used now and I am sure more will come about because no one is ever completely content with labels especially when they feel excluded or have an issue with a component that is left out.

At this point,you would think enough is enough; rather SSC, RACK or PRICK in the end if you are engaging in risky kinky behavior you should have long thought out some basics rules of the game. Low n behold we have the new category, Committed Compassionate Consent [CCC]. As with RACK some did not feel this applied to the emotional well-being of the participants and decided compassion would make it more attune to mental state of mind. Well, all this wraps up to mean, when involved you are committed to compassionate consent and I would say, CCC is more to the taste and desire of the individuals who partake in the structure of it. It is a very subjective attitude, but if it means the most to you than by all means use it.

In the end, with any war comes those who just don’t know how to play fair, be honorable or at the least know when to bow out. Simply pick a practice which makes you feel safe, secure, and able to attain pleasure in a consensual environment. And play by the rules of the choices you determine are best. The kink community will continue to use all these terms together or separate. And BDSM community alike; but surely there are more to come. You should feel free to take a liking to one or more that best suits your needs. SSC, RACK, PRICK  or CCC does well to cover most all types of interactions and kink scene or simple play. But, I think we can agree, most will get-in where we fit-in. I think you will be safe to choose one that is more applicable to your desired interest and kink interplay. Now, go out and have fun because I am sure there will be more to come.
by BlakkReignn [ARW]  (c) 2013

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